Monday, August 31, 2009

Look Hear: Architecture and Design talks

This wednesday I'm giving a talk bout Emerald Arts and the design principles behind it....

So far I have gone through all my photos.... thousands and thousands, and pulled out all relevant then sorted into folders, next to put them into a powerpoint demonstration, then write the speech.... better stop procrastinating then....

Is it wrong that I'm kind of chuffed the used my new haircut vanity shot for the website?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back again....

Well, once again it's been awhile, but sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging, so please excuse my absence dear reader. I think I mentioned before that I have moved back in with Mum and Dad, which is just wonderful (both of them and for me). Broke up with Ten for good after finding out a few things and having a good hard think. Now I have my own bedroom back, my studio and Tafe are just down the road and people are happy to see me when I get home so everything is win.

I'm submersed in a world of Art, living, sleeping and breathing it. Here's a few shots to catch you up....

Mum came home with poppies one day so I painted them for her

My tribute to Monet, painted last weekend. Was going be for sale but when I hung it on the wall I realised that the damn thing was wonky, one side longer than the other. That will learn me for being lazy and buying a cheap Chinese one instead of making my own.

Found a Cherry Blossom tree when I was on a sketching things walk. Tore myself off a branch for the studio then spent the day playing around at drawing and painting them. Had my students do the same.

Been making wrapping paper by splodging watercolour paint onto A2 sized cartridge. V. fun.

Some of my stolen blossoms on display in the Emerald Arts shop window. Wasn't until I took this photo that I realised that the silver spinning thing next to it has cherry blossoms on it too.

Sketch made in life drawing. This lady is my favourite model. She's so gorgeous and always looks very tranquil. A dream to draw too, curves are way easier than angles. For once I listened to Cherie and drew really lightly, amazed by how much it helped. Still not finished, but quite like it.

In Sculpture class we are building Toas, which were markers used by certain Aborigional tribes. I'll let Wikipedia illuminate you further:

I'm making mine to look like a bird, even though that's not quite in the spirit. They're supposed to be simplistic, but I want mine to be fancy. Will probably lose me marks, but for once I don't care because I can just picture how it will look and it makes me giggle.

Here are my anatomy drawings up on the wall in the upstairs gallery at Art School. I'm that proud of myself I can't tell you. First real exhibition *dances*

Le Windpipe

Oil paint crayons on black paper. Not so fond of this one, was really hard to make it distinct because they are not exactly a precise tool....


Am orf to (finally) write the speech I'll be giving on Wednesday night. It's about the design principles behind Emerald Arts....
Ciao ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anatomy Day

Today I had the very great privledge of visiting the Anatomy Laboratory at the Uni as part of our School's workshop week. We were shown around the room, then set to work on watercolour paintings of the museum specimens and human subjects. Before I go on, these are photos not scans because I don't have a scanner at the moment, so they don't quite do their subjects justice.... but hopefully they'll give you some idea of how intricate and amazing the experience was.

Hat's off to all who donate their bodies to science. The medical profession and artists worldwide salute you.

This is the Circle of Willis. Someone had painstakingly removed all of the blood vessels that supply the brain and suspended them for study. They're incredibly delicate. Everyone thought that they looked like a rather lovely tree. Cherie brought along black paper (along with magnificent watercolour paper and paints) for us to play with. There was a gorgeous white ink there, which turned out to be rather shiny. It's not my most complicated drawing, but it's my favourite from the day.

This is the piece that I worked the most on, spent about four hours probably. Lots and lots of washes.

I'm starting to really love watercolour. Thinking it might just be my thing..... or one of them anyway. I love the way you can layer them.

This subject died of a brain embolism. You can see it as the black that surrounds (compresses) his brain, scary to look at, but also very beautiful.

A heart, or section thereof. This photo is close to the actual colours, but then I changed the settings....

and it became like this.... I really need to get a scanner.... haha i already said that didn't I :P

A lung. Don't smoke kids..... *cough*
So that was Anatomy Day. I loved it so much that I'm going again tomorrow instead of to the Sydney Gallery crawl. I have the itinerary anyways, so I'll just go later with Cas and Mum, spread it out over a weekend instead of a day.... all civilised like,
Better get to bed, it's hella late and I have a big day tomorrow.... and tomorrow night is the opening of the Margaret Olley exhibition at the NRAG OMGYAY!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hairdressers are better than counsellors

Just got back from having my haircut. It's gone from long and straggly almost to my waist, to just below my shoulders. I look less like a twelve year old and more like a lady :P

This photo was sent to me by a lovely visitor to Emerald Arts called Eliza. She's trying for a baby and this is her physical manifestation of that hope. The pose that the mannequin is so beautiful, says everything that needs to be said really. Best of luck to you Eliza ;)

My Adult watercolour class students, Lindsay and Rachael. Had a lovely afternoon, pottering around with paints. They painted some translucent bluey green leaves on my tree mural.

In painting class on Friday we had a live model from whom we had to do a face study. This is my partially finished version.

This is my teacher Dallas' demonstration. Watching him paint was like going to a magic show. Yet another reason why I am beside myself to be studing at Newcastle Art School. You can see more of his work here:

My stall at the Olive Tree Markets last saturday. They're held in the grounds of a local primary school, full of beautiful arts and crafts. Only on once a month, but Saturday is usually a pretty quiet day in the mall and I do so well there that it is well worth relocating the shop for the day. The only creatures left at the end were the dark blue velveteen (Bob the Accountant), Josephine and Christopher the Cuddle Creature. I needs to get sewing.

The beautiful watercolour cards that Cas made for me. I sold the one on the top. She was very excited.

Wondered all day why no one was buying the wrapping paper.... did I price it too high? Was it not pretty enough? Turns out I just accidentally hid the price sign, which may have had something to do with it ;)

I heart flowers.

Found this amazing glass sculpture in David Jones. It's by Georg Jenson, who I had only ever heard of making watches. If I only had $950. It is THAT cool.

Cas's birthday presents all wrapped and ready to post. It was her birthday on Saturday, but I was at the markets and then had an earache so I thought I had better not drive to Sydney. Still, hopefully the novelty of getting mail and presents will put me back in the good books ;)

This is Buddy, who is waiting in his transitional vase to be moved in with my brother's fish. I've had him since I first moved out of home about five years ago. He is so awesome. Really expressive.
Yes, I know, he is just a fish. But he is SO MUCH more than that. Buddy rocks. His best friend, a little black moor called Emo, died last week.
Feeling more like myself being in my old room, surrounded by family. Things had been difficult living where I was. Now I feel like I can breathe and get my head right.