Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes... I am still obsessed with watercolours

and your anatomy. This is what you look like, about four weeks in, like some kind of creepy yet loveable squidgy monster thing. Soon to be made into a series of paintings.... when I have the space to paint in...
My paint box, blind gestural drawing done in class with Fi, then coloured in with the actual colours.

A heart done at the anatomy lab... yes, I went again and it was amazing.

Gestural life drawing drawn with me left hand. I think the boobs are best, very much how they are weighted in life. The face is bloody awful though, a total mess.

Created these two during workshop week, apologies for the terribly dark photo, I'm still learning how to use my camera. They were chosen to hang in the Tafe gallery and I nearly died of the happy.