Saturday, April 19, 2008

I do so love bags....

Found this beautiful bag on the NOTCOT blog. Ok, actually I really only find the antler handle beautiful, the bag itself is a big nanna for my tastes. But what do I know :P

One thing I do know, actually, is that if I took a bag like that out on the town I would either end up stabbing myself or someone else with it.

Not on purpose, because.... oh never mind.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fishy business

Present for my sister, who graduated from Architecture with honours yesterday. Champ ;) She also got two prizes from the faculty, which were received at a second ceremony, one for her exemplary model making skillz, the other I think for a large project but I'm a bit useless and can't remember the incredibly complicated long name of the thing.

It's for her apartment in Sydney, which will hopefully be less one rather annoying and messy flatmate sometime soon. Fun to experiment with painting, which I'm really starting to like doing. Was talking to my godmother the other night, who runs Cooks Hill gallery. It's all aboot practise :P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vroom vroom!

My Mum and Dad met when Aunty Ally dragged Mum on a weekend away with her family. Well probably not dragged, Mum loves holidays. But her kind of holidays, ideally involve champagne and a fair bit of relaxing.

I'm pretty much certain that she didn't envisage meeting the love of her life and being taken on a motorbike ride around the farm, during which she fell of twice, once into a puddle. In fact, she tells me now that she wasn't really Keith's biggest fan. Even if he was a dashing six four with flared trousers and huge sideburns. She could see past that.

It is a testament to her love that even after a date involving Henny Penny and a park somewhere in which dad asked post-ordering a roast chicken, coleslaw and chips he asked "So what would you like?"

But hey, he was a growing boy ;) Anyway, back to motorbikes. I came across this quote from Hugh Laurie on Oh No They Didn't today:

“I love motorcycles and I’ve been riding them since I was 15. LA traffic is a little bit peppery. People appear to have other concerns that are more pressing then their responsibility of driving carefully. They need to be doing other stuff involving lipstick, cell phones and god knows what else. But that’s all part of the fun of riding a motorcycle; you have to be ready for anything. It’s like a huge, fantastic video game − you have to concentrate. "

Which is why I will stick to my lotus I mean Mr Dohc.

Because I know that three minutes in to the game I've forgotten what I was doing momentarily and looked across to see how Ten was going on Guitar Hero. So many useless drivers out there, and I don't have the concentration span for motorbikes :P

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


While looking for ideas for what to teach my holiday students I came across this awesome eggsperiment.
Class list that i have come up with so far:
Little Jaffas (pre-school age)
- Butterflies and flying things'
- Squiggles
- Fish tank
- Leaves
Creative Jaffas (Junior school age)
- Pattern and Shading
- Origami Cranes- the story of Sadako
- Newpaper Stories
- Mr Squiggle (students take the squiggles that the students in the Little Jaffas produce and make them into artworks of their own)
- Self portraits
- 3D picture box
- Comic Strips
Expressive Jaffas (High School age)
- Poster Art
- Visual Literacy- interpreting symbols in art
- Masks
- From photos to paintings
- Graffiti Art
- Plushies- the Japanese soft toy subculture

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My most favourite movie star in the whole wide world

Horatio Hornblower is friends with Drama!

How exciting, was just trying to find a picture of Ioan to go with the exciting news that he's going to be in a new pilot this season in the states... but as always I got diverted. Also found a strange little website that is like Wikipedia but purposefully inaccurate...

Rear Admiral Horatio “Crazy Legs” Hornblower (July 4, 1776 to May 21, 1869) was one of the most daring and successful captains of the Napoleonic Wars, leading the French to nickname him "le merde des mers" ("the Sea Shite").

It's PIRATE season!


Ioan Gruffudd has been tapped as the male lead opposite Amy Smart in "The Meant to Be's," while Robin Tunney is set to star opposite Simon Baker in another CBS drama pilot, "The Mentalist."Meanwhile, Elizabeth Reaser has landed the lead in CBS' drama pilot "Mythological Ex," and Dustin Milligan has become the first actor cast in the CW's spinoff of "Beverly Hills, 90210."Additionally, Elaine Cassidy, Ryan Merriman and Samantha Noble are set to star in CBS' drama presentation "Harper's Island.""Meant to Be's," from CBS Paramount, is a romantic drama about a dead woman (Smart) sent back to Earth to help people improve their lives. Gruffudd will play her tour guide and mentor.Recently reprising his role as Reed Richards in "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," Gruffudd will next be seen in "Secret of Moonacre." He is repped by Endeavor and the Firm.The Warner Bros. TV-produced "Mentalist" centers on Patrick Jane (Baker), a mentalist who uses his skills of observation to solve crimes as an independent detective working with the police.Tunney will play career-focused lead agent Teresa Lisbon. The actress, who starred on the first season of Fox's "Prison Break," will next be seen in Guillermo Arriaga's "The Burning Plain." She is repped by Gersh, Hyler Management and attorney David Weber."Ex," from 20th TV, is based on an Israeli format. It centers on Annabelle (Reaser), who learns from a psychic that she already has dated the man she's supposed to marry, so she revisits her past relationships in the hopes of finding him.On the CBS Par-produced "90210" spinoff, penned by Rob Thomas, Milligan will play Ethan, a popular star athlete at West Beverly Hills High School. Last season, the Milligan starred on the CW drama "Runaway." He is repped by Gersh and Lucas Talent."Island," from CBS Par and director Jon Turteltaub, is a horror story that unfolds over the course of a season as a group of friends meet on an island off the Seattle coast for a destination wedding.Merriman (CBS' "Comanche Moon") and Australian-born Noble will play the groom and the bride, while the Irish-born Cassidy will play the groom's childhood friend with a tragic past.

From the magnificent Oh No They Didn't: