Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I think you're ready for this jelly...

An architecture firm in London creates jelly molds of various buildings, inc. my second favourite church in the whole world, St Paul's Cathedral. The website explains the impetus behind these wobbly magnificences:

Gastronomes can now commission the creation of quality tinned copper moulds in any conceivable shape.

The new service line follows the renaissance that traditional English jelly is enjoying across the UK as slow food revivalists and molecular gastronomers alike discover its remarkable qualities. Bompas & Parr is increasingly asked by private and corporate clients to create one-off jelly moulds for special events. Recent commissions include moulds for Courvoisier’s the Future 500 party, the CABE Climate Change Festival and for Urban Splash.

Jellies make superb centrepieces. The Victorians used jellies to decorate their tables for dinner parties. As people jogged the table they would wobble entertainingly. There is arguably an erotic quality to the quiver. Once the other courses were finished the jellies were removed to a sideboard and served to the guests.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Omg transformers are awesome :)

Some fan costumes for a comic con, as found on Oh No They Didn't today, hysterical.
Still having trouble trying to find somewhere to hold classes for Emerald Arts. The Community College would have been perfect, but alas they finally decided that they couldn't let me teach the younger class (as that would conflict with their own classes) but I could still teach the older class there. So yeah, the search continues...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A present for you (dear reader),

Since I have spent most of today editing all my photos, for my portfolio, I've decided to do a few posts of them. This first is comprised entirely of waterlilys, a flower that has always fascinated my water baby soul. Most of these shots were taken at the world's best aquarium Krempins, which I highly recommend visiting, even if just to see the koi pond in the middle of the showroom if you're not in particular need of fish/plants/statueary.

Enjoy :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The new and improved....

This is the new and improved Widget the Brave. It's not the best picture (add taking proper photographs of all my creatures to the never-ending list of things I have to do). Instead of the usual heart that I put on my creatures, which I may or may not be getting a little bored of, I've added a medal of bravery. He's a prototype, I'm not sure if the kids will like him, but hopefully...

Have made a "Make Your Own: Widget the Brave" kit for him, but it doesn't currently include the ribbon/medal. One day soon, hopefully, I'll have the funds and time to get some more stock... we'll do that when we do the photos eh? I thought it might be a bit difficult for kids to make too...

Anyway, what am I still doing up eh? Markets tomorrow, bright and early, which I just like totally love on a Sunday morning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Did anyone else ever daydream about living under the sea?

I still think about what life would be like, living in the ocean, but these days the fantasy has changed a little. Where before I imagined what colour my tail scales would be, these days I wonder things like "what sort of breathing apparatus would I need" or "how would I decorate my undersea grotto?"

It would appear that Adam Wallascape has designed just the perfect chandelier for one's aquatic getaway....


Sunday, July 13, 2008

With thanks to my wonderfully observant friend Kim...

So Kim told me today that my artwork, more specifically the huge crane sculpture that I did for Waste as Art, was in the weekend Herald. How very cool. Usually it's my Dad or my sister, so thanks very much to the Herald, author Alison Branley and all the lovely people who organised the exhibition for the awesome photo and lovely surprise ;)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Behold the SHINY!

Despite my rather tomboyish nature, I have always had a fascination with shiny things. I can live without the latest fashions, don't care what my shoes look like, but if I don't have some sort of shiny jewelry type thing on... I just don't feel quite right.

So here, because I can't be bothered uploading the 200 + photos of my very (how do I say inspiring without sounding like a wanker?) awesome trip to Hamilton Island last week...
I bring you, Jewelry I like :)

This rather impractical set of rings is by the Dutch landscape designer Jeroen Redel, who also happens to like making shiny things to adorn your hands. His sculpture is gorgeous too, but today I'm all about the shiny.

A ring with a penguin in it by Sarah Chilton. Her website is very cool, love the design. Going to have to get myself something schmick like that one day :P

I could go all Keatsean on you, and ramble on about the transient nature of beauty and blah blah blah... or I could just point you towards these totally awesome organic rings by Hilde Dedecker. I would also link you to his website, but I hate pop-up ads, and I'm not that cruel, so just google image him if you are interested.

Finally there is the Danish fantasticness that is Pilgrim. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this stuff, I've been collecting it (so far as my meagre artist funds will allow) for the past six years, and I am utterly in love with every bit of it. The little golden bear that hangs around my neck daily was my birthday present from the Magnificent Ten (boyfriend). He's great ;) Tops! Teh best!

And not just because he buys me shiny things, that just makes him greaterer.