Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taronga Zoo

My sister lives in a suburb of Sydney called Cremorne, which is but a short bus ride away from the ridiculously scenic Taronga Zoo. Had a fantastic day there sketching a couple of weeks ago, thought I would share ;)
It's called a pidgeon, but it's actually the size of a small dog and has a very lacy arrangement of feathers on its.... crown.

Half-bear half cat, a very cuddly looking creature called the Binturong

Gorillas, a Cassowary, Emu, and some sheep called Barbary

A shoddy Wallaby, a turkey, two spotted pigs and an enigmatic Fishing Cat that had lost one of it's leg in an unspecified accident. It gave hella death glares while I was sketching it, but it's eyes were so fierce I couldn't help but draw them.

A fish design my student Fi and I adapted from one of my singlet tops

A goldfish drawn from a photo. Found a very cool new gold pen at the newsagents.

I loved this little guy. He was sitting on a rock right near the glass which made it easy to do a proper study. Most of the sketches were quick because there were so many people around and nowhere to sit, but this had a ledge and no one else around. Happy days :)

Balmoral... also not far from my sister's house. Cool beach.

Treading water

I've been doing some healing and soul searching lately (sounds a bit hippie doesn't it). Trying to figure out who I am when I am alone (a lot happier) what I am going to do with my business... etc.

The roof still leaks at Emerald Arts. I have been unable to occupy it since early Feb as it grew a black mould that made me very sick, respiratory illnesses are not cool ya'll.

Everything has been packed up and stored out the back for safety, floor to ceiling, which also means that while safe, I am unable to do any stocktake or find anything.... its all in boxes, so that's really frustrating.

Manon (friend of EA) and my flatmate Em helping me to pull up the damp carpet. We figured, even if I can't be back in the place until the roof is fixed, we can at least take out the main culprit for the horrible damp smell.

A pile of my paintings which are unable to be sold.

Carpet up, next stage is to get a really good dust mask and start painting.

I've relocated my students to the local cafe All Bar One for classes at the moment since I can't hold them instore (I ain't making no kids sick man). It's quite nice actually. The weather has been amazing lately so we're out under the awnings with the breeze, drinking coffee and painting.... pretty darn good feeling right there.

Still doing the markets once a month at the Olive Tree, but I'm wondering if it is tenable. The rent has risen and business has been slow (my own malaise? Less customers? who knows?) so it's getting tough. Going to put in a full effort for the next one, make a whole buttload of stuff and hope I do well enough.

Because the wood around the window was mouldy and the shop looked strange half empty and torn up, a lovely green cover is now holding place until things change (oh cross your fingers for me, I am so dying to have my beautiful studio open again).

Took some time out with my sister Cas down at Balmoral beach last weekend. So beautiful down there, did a lot of sketching.

and speaking of relaxation...
This is my to read pile :P