Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some pages from my sketchbooks

In Painting class we are working from what we see around us, in particular flowers and figures. As an adjunct to this I've become fascinated with Botannical illustration. I love the detail. This is my first try... but I will do many more I think.

A terrace house in Carrington, around the corner from my teacher Dallas's studio. Still needs some work I think, shading particularly to give it depth. Might go back there in the holidays and finish it orf i think.
Check out the work of Dallas Bray, painting teacher extroadinaire:

Our second Sculpture project was to make a mobile or stabile inspired by the artist Alexander Calder. I really like his stuff, it's quite whimsical, has a really good sense of fun.

Last friday they gave us a big block of styrofoam and told us to design something then have at it. Sketched out a few ideas, ended up going with the avocado even though it was probably the most challenging. Took quite a bit of work cutting the seed out from the avocado... could probably have done it separately but I like a challenge. Covered it in plaster, then next week we'll put some kind of finish on it.

Egon Schiele is one of my life drawing teacher's favourite artists, and judging from his work, it's very easy to see why. These warm up sketches were not really an attempt to get into his style, they were actually from the week before, but I like to write my notes around drawings these days.... thinking of making a zine out of pages from my sketchbook.

This is the mega talented Cherie's work:

Seriously, my teacher's are just insanely talented. I can't tell you how much bigger it makes my brain feel to be studying at Tafe, so many new ideas flowing in. I'm only a little bit sad that I can't spend more time there, but hopefully after I finish this course I can take something up full time.