Monday, November 8, 2010

A new zine

I've started a whole new book worth of book art, in a Reader's Digest type of compendium book, full of wicked short stories and photo essays, it's a classic in itself. Been changing the pages around and adding things to make it more exciting. Besides being tremendous fun, it counts as Tafe work too, our brief being to use a text as a launching point to create an artwork. Here are the first lot of completed pages, just scanned in flat (no cropping or photoshopping yet).

When I am done with them, I'm going to start the next issue of Book Art (3)

A terminator inspired page. I start by circling words in pencil to make a poem, then add colour (this time with chinagraph pencils which have a wax like consitency mmmm). Then I rifle through my box of papers and magazine bits and find images that fit.

Poem about the apocalypse + Terminator skull = this

A creature from the movie "9"

Same little guy from "9" looking into an abstract line landscape

Snakedog? Dogsnake?

You can find Book Art volume 1 here:
And volume 2 here: