Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello there stranger

Well.... it's been quite a while since I've posted here, so many things have happened, kind of hard to update all at once, but now that things are slightly getting back to normal, here is a list of stuff that happened last year....

-Broke up with Ten (partner of four and a half years, live in for three) and moved in with parents.

- left parent's house due to personal differences

- Finished a year of Tafe passing everything (goodness knows how)

- was homeless for six weeks (or almost, lived in Nige's garage on a futon)

- discovered the joys (snerk) of a diet consisting of mostly rice and whatever I could get my friends to feed me, not so easy when you're a coeliac... and thereby lost a fair bit of weight

- Finally managed to get onto Austudy in late Nov and thereby be able to have somewhere to live again

- Moved in with Em

- finally began paying back debts

Oh I feel I could have such a massive whinge about it all, and it was massively hard and heartbreaking, some friends have been amazing, helpful and understanding... others, not so much.

I feel very much like I have been in a pattern of two steps forward three steps back. For example, I finally came to terms with being by myself again. Had managed to find a place to live, had Emerald Arts looking just as I wanted it.... then last wednesday the damn place floods and I lost most of last year's Tafe work and a whole lot of books. Luckily everything damaged was mine. I have not been taking on much consignment stock because I cannot bear the thought of it being ruined by rain (although I do have contents so that will be covered, that section of the shop is always fine though)... pathetically, what hurt most of all was that I could not run to Ten to cry about it. Oh well.

EA is currently not in a very good state. The back section where I keep all my paintings in progress, drawings and sketchbooks was flooded, still trying to get the carpet dry and it's almost been a week. Have to wear mozzie repellant in the shop because they are breeding in the ceiling and the place smells due to the damp. Have developed a cough... better look into effects of mould on health I think. People walk up to the door, sniff the dampness then walk off, so it's rather hard to make sales.

Trying very hard to be positive, think that things will get better, but it's quite hard when you're truly on your own.

So yeah, Emmeline is still here, if somewhat battered and bruised by a rather rough year last year. Here's to 2010 being far easier and less eventful. I'd be delighted with boring :P


jcreighton1 said...

I truely hope everything turns out ok.
Times are tough, but it will get better.

Emerald Arts said...

Hi Jess,

Thankyou so much for your message, I can't believe it took me so long to get back to it... so hopeless with my blog this year. It was really kind of you to comment ;)

<3 Emmeline