Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taronga Zoo

My sister lives in a suburb of Sydney called Cremorne, which is but a short bus ride away from the ridiculously scenic Taronga Zoo. Had a fantastic day there sketching a couple of weeks ago, thought I would share ;)
It's called a pidgeon, but it's actually the size of a small dog and has a very lacy arrangement of feathers on its.... crown.

Half-bear half cat, a very cuddly looking creature called the Binturong

Gorillas, a Cassowary, Emu, and some sheep called Barbary

A shoddy Wallaby, a turkey, two spotted pigs and an enigmatic Fishing Cat that had lost one of it's leg in an unspecified accident. It gave hella death glares while I was sketching it, but it's eyes were so fierce I couldn't help but draw them.

A fish design my student Fi and I adapted from one of my singlet tops

A goldfish drawn from a photo. Found a very cool new gold pen at the newsagents.

I loved this little guy. He was sitting on a rock right near the glass which made it easy to do a proper study. Most of the sketches were quick because there were so many people around and nowhere to sit, but this had a ledge and no one else around. Happy days :)

Balmoral... also not far from my sister's house. Cool beach.


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