Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Emerald Arts at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery

The magnificent Ten and I took a trip to the MRAG to visit the critters and see the set up that they have up there. The gallery has a fantastic layout, big high ceilings in one of Maitland's gorgeous heritage buildings, plenty of space. The exhibition that was on comprised of portraits (painted) with a selection of photos of famous artists down the side hall that were really quite awesome. The gallery shop is set up beautifully, full kudos to their merchandiser. Got a bit teary when I saw all my creatures on display on their own little shelf. I get so ridiculously attatched to them, very hard to let them go.

At my market stall I get to chat to whoever is buying the critter. Usually I take a picture of them with their new toy, just so I can remember the thing and who it went to. Don't get to do that at the gallery, but its probably a good thing. Stops me being a sentimental clot.
The market on last sunday was a little slow. Feels like I lost some momentum, because I was away in Melbourne for the one previous. So much of my business seems to come from people who have a look one session, then come back to buy the next. Had my painting "Jenny and the Crane Kites" (version 2) on display. A lady took my number and is supposed to be dropping by later this week to pick it up. Hopefully she comes through, but even if she doesn't it was very exciting to generate interest for that side of things. The plan, such as it is, was for the creatures to supplement the creation of paintings and other original artworks. Looks like this not be as fantastical an idea as I thought it was at first. Basically I want to make original artworks that an average family can afford to buy for their kids' rooms or living rooms (or wherever). So much art is inaccessible these days, but so many people are creative and interested in new works... so yeah, here's hoping.
Getting ready for Friday's stall in the Hunter st Mall. The Mercury is docking again, bringing with it a bunch of American tourists to our fine city. It's lovely to see the Mall full of life again. Such an exciting project to be a part of. Fingers crossed the weather is ok...

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