Wednesday, April 9, 2008


While looking for ideas for what to teach my holiday students I came across this awesome eggsperiment.
Class list that i have come up with so far:
Little Jaffas (pre-school age)
- Butterflies and flying things'
- Squiggles
- Fish tank
- Leaves
Creative Jaffas (Junior school age)
- Pattern and Shading
- Origami Cranes- the story of Sadako
- Newpaper Stories
- Mr Squiggle (students take the squiggles that the students in the Little Jaffas produce and make them into artworks of their own)
- Self portraits
- 3D picture box
- Comic Strips
Expressive Jaffas (High School age)
- Poster Art
- Visual Literacy- interpreting symbols in art
- Masks
- From photos to paintings
- Graffiti Art
- Plushies- the Japanese soft toy subculture


ned001 said...

I love it! Very funny

ned001 said...

I love your eggs, very funny!