Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vroom vroom!

My Mum and Dad met when Aunty Ally dragged Mum on a weekend away with her family. Well probably not dragged, Mum loves holidays. But her kind of holidays, ideally involve champagne and a fair bit of relaxing.

I'm pretty much certain that she didn't envisage meeting the love of her life and being taken on a motorbike ride around the farm, during which she fell of twice, once into a puddle. In fact, she tells me now that she wasn't really Keith's biggest fan. Even if he was a dashing six four with flared trousers and huge sideburns. She could see past that.

It is a testament to her love that even after a date involving Henny Penny and a park somewhere in which dad asked post-ordering a roast chicken, coleslaw and chips he asked "So what would you like?"

But hey, he was a growing boy ;) Anyway, back to motorbikes. I came across this quote from Hugh Laurie on Oh No They Didn't today:

“I love motorcycles and I’ve been riding them since I was 15. LA traffic is a little bit peppery. People appear to have other concerns that are more pressing then their responsibility of driving carefully. They need to be doing other stuff involving lipstick, cell phones and god knows what else. But that’s all part of the fun of riding a motorcycle; you have to be ready for anything. It’s like a huge, fantastic video game − you have to concentrate. "

Which is why I will stick to my lotus I mean Mr Dohc.

Because I know that three minutes in to the game I've forgotten what I was doing momentarily and looked across to see how Ten was going on Guitar Hero. So many useless drivers out there, and I don't have the concentration span for motorbikes :P

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