Sunday, July 6, 2008

Behold the SHINY!

Despite my rather tomboyish nature, I have always had a fascination with shiny things. I can live without the latest fashions, don't care what my shoes look like, but if I don't have some sort of shiny jewelry type thing on... I just don't feel quite right.

So here, because I can't be bothered uploading the 200 + photos of my very (how do I say inspiring without sounding like a wanker?) awesome trip to Hamilton Island last week...
I bring you, Jewelry I like :)

This rather impractical set of rings is by the Dutch landscape designer Jeroen Redel, who also happens to like making shiny things to adorn your hands. His sculpture is gorgeous too, but today I'm all about the shiny.

A ring with a penguin in it by Sarah Chilton. Her website is very cool, love the design. Going to have to get myself something schmick like that one day :P

I could go all Keatsean on you, and ramble on about the transient nature of beauty and blah blah blah... or I could just point you towards these totally awesome organic rings by Hilde Dedecker. I would also link you to his website, but I hate pop-up ads, and I'm not that cruel, so just google image him if you are interested.

Finally there is the Danish fantasticness that is Pilgrim. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this stuff, I've been collecting it (so far as my meagre artist funds will allow) for the past six years, and I am utterly in love with every bit of it. The little golden bear that hangs around my neck daily was my birthday present from the Magnificent Ten (boyfriend). He's great ;) Tops! Teh best!

And not just because he buys me shiny things, that just makes him greaterer.

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