Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rain rain go away, you're making everything soggy

I knew that there was a gallery at Tafe called the Front Room, but I had no idea that upstairs there was another less formal one that changes works once a fortnight.... until I stumbled upon it when I got lost.

I went back to take another look at the water the other day, from the cliff where I got my idea for the Landscape painting and found another painter had already set up there, pestered him for a bit to discover that he was not from Tafe, but was painting a landscape all the same. It was in oils and it was lovely.

Collected rocks from the cliffs at the park to grind up and use as pigment for the bottom third of the painting.

This is Demaris. Her Dad Ian sails with my Dad. He bought her volume two of Creatures and Dreams and she brought it into Emerald Arts to show me what she had done with it. I ♥ seeing how kids transform my creatures :)

My first student Rosie yesterday afternoon with a Fashion student who wandered into the studio with her latest creation on. Sorry for the blurriness so that you really can't see, but it was an amazing Victorian type skirt with beautiful ruffles.

The lesson table set up in the middle of the shop. Teaching kids classes is so much fun. First we did a quick drawnig of the Minty Green Cuddle monster so that Rosie could get an idea of the basic shape of a creature, then I taught her how to make a toy pattern and we selected the material that her Monkey would be made from (yellow felt). Then I taught her how to thread a needle and sew along a line. After that we mixed a sky blue and grass green with acrylic paint and painted a background onto a small canvas. Next week we will add a Widget.

Many leaks have sprung up at Emerald Arts thanks to the very heavy rain that Newcastle is currently "enjoying". Lost a fair bit of stock and the origami bonsai tree that was there is pretty badly damaged, but worse things have happened. The plumbers were trying to fix it today. Fingers crossed.

Ten took the morning off work and we checked out some properties as moving date is coming up fast. We saw a shoebox (seriously, our couch even wouldn't fit in the "large" living room), a house near a housing estate that had no locks on the windows (I swear I am not being a snob, I just don't like robbers), and a house that is about fifteen minutes out from town but has a dishwasher and three bedrooms that are big enough to actually fit beds in them! Zoot alors!

We'll apply for that one and keep looking I think. But no more of that, tomorrow is tafe and drawing YAY!



flossy-p said...

Urgh, tell me about the rain! It's crazy isn't it? I can see it all streaming down the street outside your shop in that photo!

Your kids classes seem great! And from the photo's it looks like you have some very happy campers!

I am... said...

ahh no, that sucks about the rain!!!!
you poor thing.
hows the shop drying out now?
hopefully those classes are awesome over the holidays :)

Emerald Arts said...

Hehe yeah it's been crazy rain and the classes are so much fun, totally makes up for the crap weather.

My brother and sister helped me take up half of the carpet and we discovered crazy paving and floorboards underneath. Pictures to come.

Renee said...

The little girl is a doll and how much fun must that be to teach her.

I love the idea.


Emerald Arts said...

Hullo Renee,

Isn't she the cutest? Such a natural at mixing colours too... I love the complete lack of selfconsciousness kids have when making art... so cool

<3 #Em