Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sleep? Who needs it :P

I'm steadily getting through the list of things I made for myself to do today, even though I was so hyped up and excited about the week to come that I hardly slept last night. I lay next to Ten thinking and dreaming until I couldn't lie still anymore, so spent the rest of the night sketching in my books and listening to podcasts on the couch.

I had no idea that Ten had taken this photo of me until I came across it just then on Facebook. We climbed out past the barrier gate so that I could show him the spot that is my landscape, then place that I see in my head that says "Newcastle" wherever I am. It's at the top of King Edward Park, about four minutes walk from my parents house. There is a little dip in the top of the cliff, where I lie in the winter sun, soaking it up, watching gulls and gliders dance above me, smelling salt, loving this place.

I was collecting rocks to grind up to (hopefully) use as pigment for the bottom part of my landscape. Can't wait to show Dallas (painting teacher) and figure out how it can be done, cos I'm sure it can, I just don't know how and don't want to wreck the painting :P

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