Monday, June 29, 2009

Sculpture and shopping with Mumoir

Sculpture assesment was on last Friday, these are my submissions, featuring "Rex" the wooden fish with kissing lips, a rather featureless head that was made the day Eddie died thus never finished and a skull that from this angle looks rather happy... good for him ;)

On Saturday I was rather hungover whilst in at Emerald Arts, so I wandered up to GoLo to see what gluten free sugary delights they had for me there. I found this apple flavoured killer python for $1.49 and was absolutely beside myself. Excitement dimmed somewhat upon eating, there wasn't much flavour there, but it was still pretty great.

Mum and I had a lovely art afternoon today, bought supplies from Eckersley's and had coffee and tiny cakes at Lime.

I'm going to paint a couple of pieces for mum, as well as a Life Drawing for Richard at the office. So I'm going to use the oil sticks for that. Mum liked the paintings that appear behind the guy in the news article, so will get Dallas to help me figure out how to create the same effect.
Ooohhh *shivers* I love trying out new techniques. So glad it is holiday (from Tafe) time so I can work on Emerald Arts and creating the commissions I suddenly have Oh Hurrah!
Am Orf to have baked dinner at West's and watch Top Gear at Benny's.


Renee said...

Em that sounds like such a fun day and your Mom will love the paintings.

So the shop is doing awesome and...........

Woot woot you did your first term of school.


Love Renee xoxoxo

Emerald Arts said...

Here's hoping so. Waiting for Tafe to go back so that I can ask my teacher how to go about making them. I've gotten to a certain point, but I would prefer expert advice.

Woot indeed haha ;)