Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last Sunday at the Markets

Someone call SECURITY!!!

This little guy is owned by one of the stall owners, they sell jackets for dogs, some signs and some huge pumpkins.

A new line, origami starter kits that I found in Chinatown, they have squares for cranes and strips for folding lucky stars. The paper is gorgeous, pearlised stuff. Reserved a set for myself so I can make and display.

The "Make Your Own: Voodoo Susan" kits on display.

I tried a new approach this time, took big pieces of butcher's paper to put on top of the red silk cloth that I have, so that the products stand out a bit more... and so that I can write on it ;) The basket doesn't work, so am going to work on that one, but I think the two display Susans look pretty good up there on their easel.

A close up of the display Susans. This was a happy accident actually, I couldn't find the real Voodoo Susan the night before the markets, so I took these two along instead. Same pattern, but you get such different results from the different materials.

The purple Susan is from felt, the white one is from polar fleece.

The toys in their display box. My mum had a box of gorgeous fruit delivered from SnowGoose, so I saved the box to put in the market.

These wonderful button necklaces are by my friend Jen, who organises all the arty and crafty people at our markets. This picture doesn't really do them justice, so you'll just have to come along and see them for yourselves ;)


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