Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feedback is tops.

There is a new poll on Facebook from the Renew Newcastle founder Marcus Westbury:

Thought this might be an interesting discussion starter. Now that we have nearly 40 projects that Renew Newcastle has done so far, what do you think has worked best and why? I'd love to hear people's thoughts and feedback. We're curious about how what we've done is being perceived and what people have most enjoyed.If you want to look at a list of projects thus far, check out our project page: opinions are good, but be nice to everyone!

So.... not to be a pest, but if you, Dear Reader, have had a fun/awesome/rockin good time at Emerald Arts and want the world to know about it, take a look and post a comment.

Eternally in your debt,



Marcus said...

Hey Em,

It's not a contest, just a question! No one wins or loses! But i am interested to get some sense of what people reckon works and doesn't.


Renee said...

Of course I had a good time, and I will go over now and tell them.


Emerald Arts said...

Teehee, don't worry Marcus, I'm not that competitive, but it might help to show the parents next time we have one of those "when are you going to be a real artist and stop mucking around with this art stuff" conversation.

And thanks so much Renee, if only you could come see it in person, or I could somehow ship the studio over to you ;)