Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I can't wait for Wednesday...

So that I can write a lesson timetable for Emerald Arts, I'm researching on the interwebs to see if I can find out when I'll be at TAFE. This is what I have found so far, it definitely stirs the butterflies:

The Newcastle Art School specialises in studio-based fine arts training for professional artists. Based at Hunter St Campus, it has fully accredited courses, facilities and staff.

The Newcastle Art School is located in a series of historically significant buildings and it has been Newcastle’s central art school since the late 19th century.

Courses are also offered at our Singleton Campus and at Ourimbah on the Central Coast

Our fine art courses are studio-focused and involve significant face-to-face teaching with student teacher ratios of around 15-1. The facilities are well-equipped with the latest technology as well as the traditional tools and equipment of the artist.

Students are offered a range of studio electives including Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Printmaking alongside core studies in Drawing, Art History and Theory, Professional Practice and Digital Imaging.

Staff of the Newcastle Art School are highly qualified and professionally recognised artists with strong reputations as artists and teachers.


Drawing studios each of which can support over 15 students for research, experimental drawing and life drawing. The studios are backed by an extensive store of idiosyncratic objects, plaster casts and zoological specimens

Painting studios with full ventilation and painting racks

Printmaking facilities for screen printing, etching, relief printing, lithography.

Our printmaking area includes full extraction and dedicated rooms for acids, screen cleaning, screen exposure, graining and other facilities alongside the studios
Design room

Photography Lab including Analogue (wet) darkroom, alternative process areas and Digital Photography lab equipped with G5 Macs and large format printer and scanners
Sculpture facility includes general purpose space, metal fabrication area for welding and casting, woodworking space and external area

Dedicated Arts Library

The Front Room Gallery is a purpose built public art gallery and flexible delivery centre for exhibition practice and professional practice

And this is the course that I will be doing:

The Certificate IV is offered part time. It is effectively the equivalent of the first year of the Diploma of Fine Arts. Students who complete the Certificate IV are eligible to apply to the Diploma at Advanced Entry and complete the Diploma either full time or part time. We encourage students to attempt to complete the courses at half pace, completing the Certificate IV in 2 years and the Diploma in 2 years more.

Approx 12-15 hrs per week. Subjects include Drawing, Art History and Theory, Design Principles, Portfolio Presentation, Digital Imaging, Exhibition practice, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking and Photography.

Entry and applications: HSC or Certificate III or equivalent or over 20 years of age

You must complete and application form and submit it by the 31st October. Late applications will be accepted but priority will be given to on time applications. Applicants must also submit a portfolio, complete a drawing test and attend an interview at a specified time.


Renee said...

Your life is on a great roll. This will be fantastic Emmeline.

Josephine and you are both rockin it I see. She looks great.


love Renee

Renee said...

I forgot to say, Ilove love love the painting. That is fantastic.


Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

It really is :) I'm so rushed and busy and happy and excited. So much fun. I love your comments. Put the fish painting on because it's exactly how I feel.

<3 Emmeline

Renee said...

I love the fish picture and when I look at it I only see positive adventures.

Love your partner in crime.

Love Renee