Thursday, February 5, 2009

Work it.

Since today is supposed to be even hotter and the shop doesn't have air con and I don't have a phone, I have transferred funds from Paypal and Business account into savings so I can go to Garden City later, buy a business SIM then will spend the rest of the day catching up on phone calls and revelling in the awesomeness that is the air conditioning at Buddy. Also, I tripped over Ten's laptop bag last night, which was rather painful (yet still hilarious) so I'm probably best off not walking anywhere today if I can help it. I could go into the shop, spend all day sweating and wishing I was at the baths, or I can stay home in the air con, write up the lesson brochures for Emerald Arts and finally catch up on my emails.

Yesterday was the first day of trading (sort of) for Emerald Arts. I spent the morning painting a mural on one of the columns, then occupied the afternoon by posing for photos for the Herald. Usually, I hate having my photo taken, but after working blue steel and posing in the middle of my origami sculpture, I loosened up and rather felt like Serena from Gossip Girl. My photographer was awesome, totally encouraging and fun to work with. I highly recommend the experience ;)

Another Renew Newcastle project on it's way, this space is to be a photography gallery. It has the most amazing timber columns in the back (soon to be backdrops in a studio).

Wednesday night Ten and I attended the opening of "Art Works" at the Front Room Gallery. The exhibitors being all staff members of the Newcastle Art School. I was completely besotted with this piece, a study of the Doggie Park in near Nobby's Beach. But my favourite by far was at the other end of the room. I didn't get a good photo of it, but it was amazing... trust me. Throbbed with the richest reds and purples that pulsed through a glossy black. I really hope I have that artist as one of my teachers.

Um... yeah, that was my other good news, I got accepted there to study this year. Wed, Thur, Fri will be taken up with learning. Yes.

The wall of ideas at Emerald Arts. These are works by other artists that I have collected over the years. The central poster was from Yen, it's just sublime.

The large sculpture (posed in yesterday) with the Dalek print from which many of it's cranes were folded. So much love.

Zephyrama's creations on display. The button brooches and necklaces are most awesome, but the knitting needles are the best part... such a simple idea but so effective, and they feel beautiful to wear. I had kind of expected the pointy end to snag on things, but it really doesn't. Such a crafty girl. You should see her on her spinning wheel, maybe I can convince her to come in and give a demo one night at the Anti-Scrapbooking Society *grins*

Robots robots ROBOTS of LURVE.... :)

My work station.
Sweet baby Jeebus this is an epically long entry already, but I have to share what I just came across on FaceBook because it proves how made of win my boyfriend is.
Here's the premise: Renew Newcastle, which Emerald Arts is a proud and shiny part, has an event on FB created for it's Launch Party (21st Feb). Someone made the following comment:
why are you promoting artists to be pawns of the propertied elite? Baffling but desperate...they've got us just where they need us eh? Process space is the key...put a holding charge on land and those vacancies will hit the market, forcing rents back down. INstead YOU are promoting an artist run cultural revamp of central newcastle ...making those landlords even wealthier when the wanna bees move in cum 18 months later when your rents go up. You must have vagued out during the opening plenary of TINA 2007 when i discussed this. sorry to be harsh but really.....
And Ten replied the following:
Karl - WTF, seriously. The 'landlords' that this project will make 'even wealthier' have donated UNUSED spaces (ie. spaces they can't get tenants for) for ZERO cost (as far as I'm aware - in many cases they've had to part with money to make the shops meet fire safety and similar standards) to give artists a place to pimp their wares - or even just show it off.Also, most - again, if not all - of the spaces are going to be torn down when the entire mall area is redeveloped in a year or two.But hey, if you want to believe that, go ahead. But what's your alternate suggestion? Let the starving artists remain starving by not giving them ANY realistic contact with consumers? Artistic integrity is one thing, but what's the point of taking the moral high ground if you can't afford to eat and put a roof over your head? And what's the point of having a creative outlet if no-one can ever see it?

Oooh I love that boy. Rationality and reason are so hot right now.

The Lovebirds in the window at Emerald Arts for Valentine's Day

Right, off to do some work...




Renee said...

I am a Ten fan too. He is awesome.

Talk about awesome though, the whole shop. Everything.

I love the walls, the art, and I loe the 'love birds'.

Everything is going in the right direction.

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Yep, have a glass of champers for me ;)

I'll tell Ten you're a fan, he'll be chuffed.