Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet relief

This week is already shaping up so much better than the week before. Had the loveliest day at the markets with Zephyrama. It's so much more entertaining to share a stall with a friend and while away the hours sharing gossip, swooning over the Mighty Boosh and eating the most delcious cakes and profiterroles (gf of course ;).

Ten found out on Friday that he's getting a pay rise. His boss also raised the possiblity of him getting a work car, which would mean his beautiful Nissan 180 could come off the road for some much needed TLC. That's in the future though, because these decisions take time. Spent friday night celebrating out at Benny's with Kim and Nifty Nige. We heart vodka and Skins.

Today I accompanied Mum to what she thought was an information day at the Newcastle School of Art. One glance around the room decided her on Not going, while an interview with the teaching staff cemented me on the prospect of a Certificate four in Fine Arts. Emailed my portfolio when I got home, am on the waiting list. Fingers crossed ya'll.

I've been working hard to get Emerald Arts up and running, the shop is pretty much sorted, going to spend today and tomorrow making more stock and a Valentine's display. Tomorrow the electrical mains should be sorted too. Then opening Wednesday.

Am off to read and elevate my legs above my head for a bit. Been a bit harsh on my poor injured foot for days now, time to give it a break while absorbing the awesomeness that is Famous magazine.


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Renee said...

Is the opening this Wednesday. The shop is going to rock Emma. I can feel it.

Love Renee