Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dusty McDust Dust

Crazy amounts of dust over my part of the world lately.
Makes me:
a) sneeze a lot
b) laugh at climate change sceptics
c) laugh again because climate change sceptics are not generally Skeptics.
Found an article which counts Renew Newcastle as among one of the reasons why Newcastle is starting to undergo a mini-development boom (you can count my Dad as another).
Couldn't help from putting in my own two cents worth, even though they don't make two centses any more and no one had commented for days....
Hello :) I'm Emmeline from Emerald Arts, one of the Renew Newcastle projects.
My studio was one of the first spaces to open, and in the eight or so months since I have heard every argument in the sun for and against the rail line.
Sick of hearing about it to be honest.
News of new apartment blocks on the other hand is very interesting. From a retail perspective, they and the mall being open to traffic are very positive signs. More people living in our city means that those people might want some food to eat, somewhere to chill after work, some art to hang on their walls. I think that this article is projecting a little.
Renew Newcastle has been working darn hard to bring life to the city, however, we're not quite there yet. After all.... there is only so much that a bunch of artists and a mastermind like Marcus Westbury can achieve without help from developers like GPT and a suddenly much more helpful council (thanks for the free parking on Saturdays guys, you rock ;)
We're aiming high, to bring a pretty shabby city centre back to awesome again, but I definitely think we're getting there, but there's still a lot of hard work to go

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