Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shifty behaviour

Man, it has been one crazy week.

No photos this post.... because someone came in, complimented me on my artworks, then stole my phone right off my desk. Can't afford to get a new one for a while, so it might just be writing and links to stuff I like for a while.

Such a shame because I had a mega spring clean and decoration binge and Emerald Arts is looking AWESOME!

I'm just going to have to learn to pack my things away better I guess, or keep phone in pocket if waiting for a call.

Adjusting to life post-Ten ok. It's hard in some ways because I lost our mutual friends at the same time (they haven't contacted me since it happened and I haven't had the guts to contact them and be barred). Hurts to hear that they're having parties that I'm not invited to, but I guess I'm not surprised.

Have to say though, it's forced me to do things I wouldn't usually do (attend art openings alone, make speeches in front of lots of people). I'm reconnecting with people I rarely got to see while we were dating and making new friends. Last saturday night Joe and I went to club G (local gay club... so much fun) and danced on the stage. The music is excellent there, so nice to be able to dance without getting my bum pinched too. One boy was even nice enough to tell me I look like Katy Perry. Sure he was pretty drunk, but I'll take that, thanks ;)

Also, I kind of really like having a whole double bed to myself. STARFISH!

In other news, my brother Lachy tore a ligament in his knee by crashing the quad bike he was driving into a mate. He's on crutches at the moment, having the day off school. Mum's blind furious with his soccer coach for organising a day where 17yr olds are allowed on such dangerous machines. I'm just miffed that I didn't get a go :P

Speaking of Mum, she got bitten by a white tail spider... horrid and dangerous little buggers. I won't link you to pictures, but the results can be very VERY nasty. Luckily for once she listened when I told her that she should REALLY go see a doctor, so she's going to be blotchy and sick for a couple more weeks, but she'll be ok after that.

Hmmms... what time is it? Think I'll go work on my Figure in Landscape project. I'd show you photos.... but yeah LOL


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Renee said...

You dear girl, if they don't call you they were more Ten's friends than yours, let them go.

I hope your bro and Mom are better soon.

Love Renee xoxo