Sunday, September 6, 2009

First week of September

In the midst of spring cleaning Emerald Arts, giving it a makeover.

Throwing myself into art seems to be (so far) an excellent way of coping with the fact that within the space of a few months I lost my home, my dog and my boyfriend.

That said though, it's really lovely living back home with my family. I tried to keep things civil with Ten, kept the lines of communication open... but then I got sick of hearing a lot of self justifications for mean behavior... rather than maybe an apology or some kind of sign that he's sad we broke up... so I'm trying to take a break from talking to or hearing anything about Ten. People still tell me that he's out partying all weekend, friends and sister, but I've taken his number from my phone so I don't text him pathetically and have minimised his updates on facebook.

I'm getting back to happy and realising that sometimes people don't live up to the ideal we have built up of them. Sometimes boys do not act like gentlemen. Sometimes dreamers wake up and make a change for the better.

I got jealous of all the nifty Sandwish boards that the other shops had and made my own version on the back of a For Lease sign.
So cute, this little customer bought the English Bunny Jane at the Olive Tree Markets on Saturday and tied her to the front of her scooter.

I've been drawing a tree mural on my front window for spring..... because I can.

This is Ross and Kate's new baby Ella. She's adorable, perfect little puppy. Makes me dream of having my own little labrador that could hang out at Emerald Arts and keep me company. Mum says no. But I still want one.

Puppy Plinth

Cas said that she couldn't help thinking of Eddie while holiding Ella. Neither could I.


Renee said...

You are going to be okay Emmeline. You really are.

Cut him lose so that you don't torture yourself over him.

Love Renee xoxo

Emerald Arts said...

I always bounce back eventually ;)

I've asked him to be around at the office next sunday so I can get as much of my stuff out of his place as possible. Need to cut the cord, you're right. So hard not to stew and torture myself though. Trying to ween myself off it ;)

Love and hugs,