Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Day Today

Very exciting day today, dropped my artworks off at the Waste As Art exhibition. They're taking in all the artworks today, arranging the displays, then the prize ceremony is on the first, sometime in the afternoon I think (will post details later). The first sculpture is the biggest, strands and strands of colourful cranes, about a metre and a half long. It's lying down on a plinth at the moment, having a bit of a rest. The girls that from WAA are going to hang them from a big chain, very high ceilings in the Honeysuckle sheds. Best of all I got to have a wander around the place with one of the organisers, such amazing stuff there, can't wait to see them all up properly.

Rather shocking shot of the bonsai tree but it gives you the general idea. My lovely friend at the flower shop in Hamilton gave me some moss for the base of the tree.

The everlasting flowers. I love having flowers around the house, but I'm pretty picky. Hate gerberas and commercial roses (home grown ones are a whole different story) especially if they come in a wierd plastic test tube. Anyway, these never need to get their water changed and I'm not deriving any inscets of their dinner ;)

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