Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To market to market...

My market stall at the Newcastle Farmers' Markets is roughly divided into two halves, the toy side and the origami side. Pretty happy with the layout at the moment, but I think I need to get/make lighter coloured material for the top of the table, I think the red satin on the toy side may be making them a bit hard to see.

So let me walk you through the layout. In the purple basket on the left (which was in a past life my shopping bag) holds the silver branches that I suspend my pre-made origami strands from. The square things in the forefront of the picture are the "Make Your Own: Origami strand" kits, with more in the basket behind. The little yellow suitcase on the right (which used to be my lunchbox at pre-school) holds boxes of origami paper that I get in Chinatown and kits to make "Lucky Stars". The painting behind the suitcase is of my sister. Unlike most of my paintings it has stars on it, which is useful when customers pull out the star kits and say "What are these?"


Here is my (prototype) Notice Board. The real one, a work in progress, will have "Emerald Arts News" written on it and painted girls rather than these material critters that I found at Hawks Nest SoLo Prices. News for Sunday May 25th was:

- New Voodoo Susan kits available in many different colours.

- Raw Jaffa school holiday art program taking enrolments now. Lessons include Painting, making toys and origami, I am the teacher.

- The Waste as Art exhibition at Honeysuckle is opening Sunday June 1st at 2pm. I have three sculptures made from origami on display. The exhibition is open to the public throughout June.

These are the gorgeous flowers by Tim Neve (http://timneve.com/eden) that I bought for Grandma, her birthday was on Sunday. The markets before that I bought some for Mum (Mother's Day). Next time I may buy some for myself. I love having flowers on the stall. So pretty 0_-

The display for the Voodoo Susan kits. Presentation is in the development stage. Am painting a sign, as the handwritten one is a bit shoddy. The kits are selling well. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I ask everyone who buys one to bring it back and show me when they are done, or to email a photo, hopefully they will start coming in soon.
So that was last sunday. Thanks to the lovely Zephyrama for your advice and for moving me back inside with the crafty/arty people. Unfortunately next markets falls on my birthday, and given my track record of shenangans on said day, I'll be giving that market a miss and will be back in a month with many more kits for people to make. Am going to update this blog much more regularly too, keep ya'll posted...
Em :)

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