Thursday, May 1, 2008

entry one: Everlasting Flowers (Waste as Art exhibition).

The beginnings of one of my artworks. So far the cranes on sticks are definitely going to be a feature, I think I may fill the bottle with something like stars made from paper complementary to the cranes... or the sands of time... who knows :P The ethos behind the work comes down to the transient part paper and flowers play in our lives. For the past month I have been collecting every piece of paper, foil, whatver is foldable basically, in a box in the kitchen. Every couple of days I sift through, picking out materials that appeal then cutting them into squares that I then fold into origami cranes.

Materials include the following: artworks in Frankie magazine, postcards, cereal boxes, champagne and cigarette foil gathered from various social gatherings, graphics from Giant Robot (an American magazine focusing on Japanese culture), medicine boxes... I think you get the idea. I have a complete list which I will submit with the artworks when I take them to the exhibition hall later this month.

The backdrop is one of my life drawings, the material below from our Japanese exchange student of many years past, Mie.

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