Monday, May 12, 2008

Won't you please, pllleeeaaasse help meee ;)

I am currently assembling an artwork for the Waste As Art exhibition.

There are about fourty long strands of cranes hanging around my house atm. The cranes are made from various materials I have collected in the past couple of months (magazines, champagne foil, postcards etc.) and are suspended on offcuts from a ribbon factory.

Only problem is, I had the flu and missed the opportunity to scavenge goods from the curbside collection before it was... collected.

Does anyone have anything spare hanging around that would work as something to suspend them from? Something wicker or wire or whatever.

The prize, to the successful and caring supplier, will be one of my paintings. I will draw a person to hold the strings of the crane balloons as you dictate and fold the cranes from whatever you want.

Please, thankyou.

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