Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Wednesday....

Last Wednesday Dad and I sailed the Premier Cru (our 40 ft racer) down to Sydney to be sold. Sad occasion in a way, because it's a gorgeous thing, but the new one will have two wheels which is apparently much better... ok dad :P I sailed most of the way (motor assisted as the wind was pretty unreliable).

We started at about 6am, when it was pitch black and absolutely freezing. So glad I wore my massive jacket. An hour or so into the trip, which took eight, the most enourmous whale breached the surface just five or so metres from the boat. So noisy, so amazing, so many barnacles :)

This is the view as you sail into Sydney Harbour. The cliffs are v. imposing.
Not much to report on the art front, as have finally sucumbed to the family cold and sore throat, but I will paint something tomorrow... honest! Sincere apologies for any typos and/or spelling mistakes. Am orf to bedfordshire! MWAH!

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