Saturday, January 31, 2009

Progression at Emerald Arts Newcastle.

The start of a mural which will feature one of my girls and a full moon.

Sorry this photo is a bit dark, but I have the markets tomorrow and much as it pains me not to fix it, I'm off to Bedfordshire after this post. So, this photo is the Valentine display.

This is the "current project" wall. At the moment I'm painting a canvas sign for Emerald Arts.

The photography section. This contains portraits of the creatures in various locations around Newcastle. Taken by the v. talented Ten.

Dangly glass constructions by Kim. So lovely. The butterfly one on the left is my favourite so far ;)

The zine table so far. There will also be a "swap box" where you can swap things out. If you have a zine that you are done with, it goes in the box and you take a different one out.

A slightly wider view showing the Toy Bed that lives underneath and will serve as a daybed for parents etc. to sit on reading while classes are on. Or they can go shopping or do coffee ;)

This is the rear wall of Emerald Arts so far. Black and white photography (mine) mixed with favourite images by fashion photographers, more to come.


Renee said...

Okay, it is fantastic. With a capital F (which stands for Fucking Fantastic).

Emmeline it looks awesome.

I love how you have your hearts displayed.

Please try to keep cool, I worry about you in that heat.

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Yeah, the heat is not my friend. When I was 12 my teacher was a fitness fanatic and used to make us go for a run in the mornings before we started our work. I think that's why I'm still so terrible at maths, most days after the run I would get a nosebleed and miss it.

Still get them sometimes, but never like that. It was pretty gross, but didn't hurt. So now I stay inside in the heat of the day, emerging only in the late afternoon to swim laps at the baths.