Sunday, May 24, 2009

Creature Feature

Emmeline is back and feeling you have no IDEA how much better.... probably because I've figured a few things out lately. Sort of.

Taking on Tafe and Emerald Arts in the same year was a big task. I had scheduled myself Mondays off, thinking that one day of chilling would be enough to see me through for a while. Then I forgot to chill and got worn out. I didn't factor in catching germs, moving house and... well, life in general really. So I got sick, a lot, and missed Tafe classes and had to close EA a couple of days last term. That made me worried, which probably made me more sick, and I fell down in a bit of a heap.... and it seems that when I fall down like that, Ten falls down too and he withdraws into Ten world where I can't get to him.

We had a big talk, discussed the stresses we have been under and I told him how I need to know that even if we are freaking out like people do sometimes, we have to know that we can count on each other. Not having our own home may suck, but where we're staying is lovely and we are so lucky that Scott and Julie are looking after us. How many bosses would let their employees do that eh?

Anyway, I explained how much it shook me when he stayed out. How technically after epipen I should be checking myself into Emergency or at least be under supervision. He said that he was stressed and we've been fighting lately and that he just needed time out. I said he had really bad timing. He said he loves me, of course he loves me, but it's just hard when I'm sick all the time. So we're drawing a line under it as a really bad aberration, and starting again.

I did a stock take at Emerald Arts last week. I tallied up what was in the store against what I have on my spreadsheet and everything except one rabbit was accounted for. Guess I did learn something at business school ;) Looking over everything made me realise just how much I have achieved in the past year. I might not be rolling in it, but I am starting to be able to pay my own way... slmost... and here is a list of the things I have designed this business year to sell:

- Fold Your Own: Origami Crane Strand Kit
- Voodoo Susan kit (sewing)
- Widget the Brave kit (sewing)
- Creatures & Dreams Vol 1 & 2 (colouring books)
- Book Art Vol 1 & 2 (colour art zines)
- The Sketchbook Adventures of Emmeline Stronach (mini-zine)
- 35 origami crane strands
- Fourty paintings
- 95 Creatures (hand Sewn toys)

There's stacks of other stuff but I'm bored of lists now so whatever :P

So yeah, I have been like really REALLY busy, and in being busy totally forgot to take time out. Oops. Just thanking my lucky stars that until we find a house I don't have to freak out about lack of $ for a while so I can concentrate on rocking my tafe assignments, kicking butt (artisticly speaking) in the Hunter St Mall and making time for Oh NO They Didn't and hanging out with my friends.

My new resolution is that I'm not going to stress about anything. Worrying is such a waste of time, far more useful to think "it will all work out" and "I totally rock" than omigodeverythingstoohard

Right then, here are some pictures of my new creatures... I'm off to read Famous magazine in the sunshine out the back, day off biatches ;)

The more comic book style bunny. Does not have a name yet.

If you're wondering why there is blue smudging near the mouth, that is fabric marker. I draw the smiles on first to get them right.

The back of the bunny, which is called Jane btw.

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Renee said...

The easiest thing first: the bunnies look amazing.

Getting life together and having the talk with Ten are so important. But what I liked best is that you are moving past that.

You can't beat a dead horse, while I guess you can but what is the point.

I am glad you are starting a new, but have stated what and how you felt.

Love you. You are growing up. A lot. I see the changes Em.

Love Renee xoxoxo