Thursday, May 7, 2009

I heart Life Drawing

Me at the sticker making day in the Front Room Gallery at school. The girl off camera had just asked me if I was ready to stick mine on the wall.

Needless to say I took it home instead :P

Mucking around with sepia ink in class. Cherie showed us how to paint/draw wet on wet (which sounds way dirty but it's not). Basically you lay down a really light wash, vauguely in the shape of the model's body, then you fill in details using ink on a paintbrush, or fountain pen, or bamboo stick... whatevs really

Was massively fun, hypnotising self watching ink spread on paper... going to try it out with my metallics and see how it goes.

Wow you really can't see the details on this one, but I kind of like that. Not particularly fond of the boobs, but I like the legs.

Sketches for the third volume of Creatures and Dreams (my colouring in book). Need to work on the left side of the tail on the bottom bird. The bird in the square is a cover idea. The rabbit... couldn't figure out how to do the legs then I accidentally wrote over that part... might try digitally finishing it.

Right then, off to scramble my sculpture sketchbook into some kind of order for assesment tomorrow. OMG sculpture tomorrow means pouring plaster into my clay skull mould! I'm going to mix sparkly things in with the plaster.... hopefully my gruff but awesome teacher Peter doesn't mind gold ink :P


Renee said...

Em I blew up the picture of you so I could give you a kiss. And so, I did.


I love the figure, you did a great job.

Emerald Arts said...

Hahaha saucy, and thanks very much.

I heart you ;)