Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Influences and family photos

Spent Mother's day helping make lunch and taking photo studies for my Still Life painting assignment. Also took some shots of our family photos and the paintings that I grew up with. This  is Dad when he was a little tucker. So cute. 

Landscape: Rod Bathgate. So amazing. He paints a lot of different waterscapes, but his rock pools.....

Landscape: in the entrance at Barker Street. I love how warm it is, it's almost pulsing

Cassandra and Emmeline

Own life drawing, hangs in Mum's room, made about eight years ago

You would not believe the struggle it took to get Cas to wear this dress on the day, she absolutely hated it because it was brown and the collar was scratchy. Eventually Dad had to leave the photographer's studio to get her lollies to calm her down enough to pose for this. 

Great Grandma Lawn (on Mum's side) with her father, Cas with Dad. 

Mumoir and I

This is the view that we saw from the house where I grew up. It's  in a suburb called Dudley, which is about 20mins drive from Newcastle (which is the town you can see on the hill). It's probably my most favourite landscape ever,  because it was my view, my beloved view. 

Enigmatic painting, reminds me of F. McCubbin's "Lost".

Mum's favourite, she hearts Still Lives... which is good because now I have to paint one ;) Speaking of which, I'd better stop procrastinating and get some work done.

-Emmeline Out.


Renee said...

Em these are fantastic.

You have a beautiful family. All of you are gorgeous.

I love the scenery picture of your view. A view that every one should have.

Love Renee xoxo

Emerald Arts said...

Good genes eh?

We always find that when people from Sydney come to Newcastle they are surprised by how many of the houses have a view of the water. Down there you have to pay at least a couple of million to get that, but Newie is sort of spread out along the coast and up on hills, so there's views for everyone pretty much :)