Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday happenings at Emerald Arts

As always, I had the greatest of intentions... yesterday was meant to be interwebs catchup day. I have at least 200 pictures from Lismore and the school holidays art classes that I haven't uploaded yet and so many emails to reply to, blog RSSes to read and celebrity gossip...

but then the computer bluescreen of DEATH kept whirring at me every time I tried to do something, so I gave up and read the bits of the Sunday paper I like instead (those which I was too hungover to read on Sunday, hehe oh celebrations).

You see, my best friend Mazzie has moved up from Canberra and we've been celebrating pretty much every day since Saturday. I think we may be taking tonight off, but there's still some champers left so possibly not :P Anyway, here's a picture post of what I have been up to today, redecorating and painting things at Emerald Arts:

The tree mural is coming along nicely. Only the upper branches left to paint (they're currently drawn on with charcoal) and then I can stick on all of the...

...incredibly awesome leaves that my students have made me :)

Celebration and HOORAY people, the plumbers have finally fixed the hole in the roof... therefore the front windows don't have water pouring through the light fittings and I can put stuff on display again. So, I created what I hope is a tasteful Mother's Day display, without mentioning the day itself. Still in two minds about that...

Pinned Candy's beautiful felt pins and hairpieces to a display board I upcycled a while ago. They are so understated and lovely, makes one feel fancy without going over the top. Trying to locate my blazer so I can wear one on the lapel.

Barbara's beautiful pottery on display with a feather painting of mine that promptly fell down as soon as I had taken the picture and then refused to stay up no matter how hard I tried to make it stick. Not quite sure what to do there.

This wall is still in a state of flux, thinking about making it a "stuff in progress" spot, because I took all my sketches down from the back wall to make the tree, now I have no where to put them.

Built myself a couple more canvases so that I can experiment some more with painting water and layering irridescence and shiny inks and things. It's nice to have a play every few hours once a layer has dried. Gives me a chance to step away and think about stuff.... ok, I've definitely had too many coffees and am now withering and talking crap :P Might just go read Oh No They Didn't a bit then.....


Renee said...

totally amazing Em. Really.

How is the shop doing. Are you still loving it.

Love Renee oxox

Emerald Arts said...

The shop is really starting to find it's feet. Having more and more people come through the Mall, which has been dead for years, mostly to look at the Renew Newcastle spaces.

I love the shop so much, just to have somewhere where everything is mine and I can make us much mess as I want... so cool. I have the occasional meltdown when tafe and shop and markets and everything else gets a bit much, but then I get over it and realise how lucky I am.