Sunday, July 5, 2009

A bit late, but RIP Michael Jackson

Like millions of kids the world over I spent most of my childhood studying Michael Jackson's dance moves and making up routines of my own to his songs with Cas.

I love him and his music, the world has lost a beautiful person and performer. Hopefully now people will stop talking about how he bleached his skin to be white (not true, he had Vitiglio), that he was a paedophile (yeah right) and a wacko. He was not.

Whatever people might say or feel about Michael Jackson, the beauty and joy of his music will be what endures, not the rest of the rubbish.

Rest in Peace Michael, I hope they let your family bury you in Neverland.


Ps. I apologise that since we heard the news my family can't stop saying "Poor little Prince Michael the second aka. Blanket" because we find it as amusing as Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily. We laugh so we don't cry. Honest.


Renee said...

Talented beyond anything we've seen before.


Emerald Arts said...

I concur.