Thursday, July 16, 2009

A new student and a Bonsai

Had such a great day at the studio today. It was miserable and blustery outside, so I cranked up my little heater and turned all the lights on, the place must have looked cosy cos I had a lot more visitors than normal...

This is Monique, my new student, making splashy watercolour paintings which is SO MUCH FUN seriously. Here's hoping Rosie doesn't have too much trouble adjusting to having someone else in her tuesday class... she seems to like that it has been just her and I so far, said she didn't want any other students... but I'm sure she'll come around.

My lunch. Ten bought me a new salt, chicken flavoured, to add to soups. The lid fell off and half the salt plus the lid went right in. Needless to say I had noodles instead.

I heart holidays. Finally got the time (and resources) to make a custom bonsai for Angelic. I've had the cranes folded, she's been waiting for ages, but it's a pretty lengthy process making the things. Going to have to remember to take a deposit on orders from now on so I can buy supplies to make stuff.

Twisting the wires onto a pencil for shape.

The (almost) finished tree. Now I just need some moss to make it look a bit more natural and a small figurine to put in the base like the original.... which has a Jesus that Lachy found. Such a good feeling to have made it. Been bugging me not to have finished it.

About four this afternoon a couple of girls from my brother's school dropped by (different year though), we got to talking about their art projects and how it can be hard sometimes to just "make art" without it feeling forced. So I showed them how I've been making watercolours lately, by spritzing the page with water then watching the colours spread into the grain of the paper. They had a play while I worked on the bonsai, was lovely to have people to chat to at that time of the afternoon. I like the thought that they felt comfortable enough at Emerald Arts to hang out too, because that's kind of how I see the place, somewhere to chill, create, stuff like that.

Off to trivia at the Pub with Tenski, Steeeve and Matty. Here's hoping my brain will get out of holiday mode enough to be of use hehe.


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