Thursday, July 16, 2009

Em's Day of Cranky

Today started quite beautifully, snapped this rainbow on the drive into work.

Made some wrapping paper by splattering A2 paper with watercolour paint. So much fun to make, hopefully I price it right and people buy it so I have an excuse to make more.

Went to put the new decorations that I had made for the Winter display in the window and discovered that it had leaked again, guess the plumber didn't fix the leak after all. That or the neverending awning revamp at the Newcastle Permanent has disturbed my building somehow.

Aurgh. Poor bonsai tree, I don't think it's going to survive it's third soaking. Tried to dry it but the paper started to ball up, so I just left it to dry by itself. Really hope it's ok, but prob. not.

I have no idea why this picture has just turned itself sideways, but I'll try to sort it out.

This is my friend Nick's little patch of Renew Newcastle, "Upcycling". These are some of his repurposed Skateboards. If you look along the bottom of the windows in the moss he's growing there you'll see two little action figures fighting. Win!

Nick's Mum is an artist, these are some of her handmade cards. Violets. Gorgeous.
Back at Emerald Arts... My new winter sculpture thing. Made using a parasol found at the Asian Grocery and gift wrap from the lovely Kim.

Playing paint splatters with student Maryanne. We painted masking fluid onto canvas then splattered over the top of it and waited for it to dry.

Had a momentary heart attack, thinking that Maryanne had cut herself, but it turned out she had just splattered her hand with red paint. Phew.

Maryanne's flower painting. Turned out really well and was such a fun exercise. Modified the lesson from a class I took at Hamilton Island. Can't wait to try it out at the grownups watercolour class next Wenesday and see how they take to it.

A customer kindly let me take a photo of her very awesome pipecleaner rings. Not a bad idea for the students actually....

Right, orf to get drunk and forget about the poor sodden shopfront....


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