Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Epic Picture Post... catch up

Creating the Winter Window.So far I have ripped up a pillow and shoved the innards down the side of the window. I'm making a lake and some trees as well as some silver cranes. I'm not sure what else yet :P

My Landscape assesment is finally MINE ALL MINE!!!!

Red painting test for Mum. I added some inteference today, which refracts the light and alters the paint it is put over. This one has an orange tinge.

The Guest Wall.Repaired the purple painting that was damaged going to and/or from the Markets. Put my prints from Digital class up on the wall too, starting to look rather well stocked.

another angle of the Guest Wall. Thanks for the gorgeous prints Flossy-P. I heart you.

The small table I yoinked from Mum and Dad with stuff on it including roses that Ten's grandma made, Joe's metal sculpture and stuff, more stuff.

A few of the new prints. I heart Photoshop now. Just so ya'll know.

Watercolour tests, was preparing for the adult class today.

The new Artist Trading Card table.There's blank cards, textas, glue, pens, stamps, all sorts of crazy. 50 cents lets you make one and swap it with one someone else has made.

The back wall is coming along. Need to make some red curtains to go behind the puppets... more cushions for the Toy Bed too I think.

The Bookshelf. Where I keep all my trinkets and art supplies.

Cas made me some new cards to sell. They're the very colourful ones. I heart them.

Right than, orf to drum up business for the holiday classes.... somehow.


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flossy-p said...

The shop is looking great, as ever! Sorry bout the leak, that sucks.