Sunday, March 16, 2008

Artist: James Willebrant

This painting is called "Pool of Memory". It's by an artist called James Willebrant (local- from Newcastle) who I have been following since I was about twelve. My godmother and her lovely husband Mark run the Cooks Hill Gallery and they've been showing him for years and years. There's a print of his hanging in our living room, but by far my favourite is hanging in the living room at Hawks Nest. I'll take photos of these so you can see later.
Anyway, I was having a bit of a look around online to find different ways of painting the night sky... didn't want to stick with just black or indigo... too boring... and I came across this rather excellent website
There is also an excellent write up about him on the Cooks Hill G website, but I can't link it directly so you'll have to go there and have an explore for yourselves ;)
So yes, that's James Willebrant, my oldest (not age, but how long I have liked) artist. He is awesome and one day I will save up and have one of his paintings all of my very own. Preferably the one with the dugong :)

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