Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Origami Crane Strand Kit

After my meeting with the lovely Paulina from the HBC (Hunter Business Centre), I came away with a new sense of determination. I'd been treading water, business wise, focusing on individual toys rather than the overall objectives I set for myself when I was writing the plan. Bit like not being able to see the forest for the critters. Most of what we focused on was the need for professional presentation (price tags, signs, packaging) and establishing contacts in the business world.

So I came home, ran over things with Ten and drew up a draft packaging template. From plan to finished product, we came up with what you see here in living colour. It's not the final ever design (there's tweaking to be done, and eventually I will get it professionally printed on card) but it's looking pretty good.

Simular packaging is in the works for the toy kits, I just have to decide which of the toys should go into the kits, and how I am going to lay out the instructions.

Please comment, dear readers, if you have any suggestions or hints :)

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