Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Favourite internet humour of the year.... The RIck Roll

I love the interwebs :

There's an internet trend which has probably been around forever but I have only just discovered it, called Rick Rolling, this from Oh No They Didn't:

It's called the "rick-roll". You're innocently browsing an apparently useful website and see a link to something else that might be of interest, but when you click through to that destination you instead find yourself confronted with Astley's boyish smile, his manly croon, his awkward 1987 dance-moves.The link was a fake, a trap, a dummy with the nefarious purpose of... bringing you face-to-face with the ridiculous.As with so many stupid internet fads, the rick-roll trend had its start at 4chan, a message-board whose lunatic, juvenile community is at once brilliant, ridiculous and alarming. 4chan users had taken to "duck-rolling" each other - tricking one-another into viewing a video of a, er, duck with wheels. In the spring of 2007 some enterprising prodigy branched off from this into the rick-roll. And the rest is history.


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