Sunday, March 23, 2008

When giant bunnies are attacked...

From the website:

"Somewhere, on a hillside in Artesina, Italy, lies an enormous pink knitted bunny, on its side, and with some of its insides coming out. The rabbit has been on the hill since September and now lies under snow, bits of pink peeking out. The rabbit is the brainchild of Austrian artist collective Gelitin (formerly known as Gelatin), as well as many helpers and crew, and is stuffed with straw. The rabbit is expected to occupy its Piemonte site for the next twenty years. Viewers are encouraged to climb all over it."

Not sure I could ever make anything this big, but given enough wool and a few helpers, I'd give it a red hot go. I would make a four story tall Pete Doherty doll and write "u suk Kate moss x_x" and put it outside her Primrose Hill hovel (because you know no matter how gorgeous the house was to begin with, it's hideous now).

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