Monday, March 31, 2008

New job

Had my first life drawing class for Raw Jaffa on saturday night, with the magnificent Ten as our live model. The girls in the class were great. A couple in particular were doing some seriously impressive stuff in the short amount of time they had for each sketch.

Before we went in I had been plotting all day how I was going to teach the class (rather than just observe how the other teacher ran them). I had all these grand plans to teach about light and shade, foreshortening, techniques to make it easier. As it was, I just gave a brief demo at the start of the lesson, then spent the rest of it picking up easels, pencils, spilt drinks, but hey... its a Hen's party , we all had a ball :P

Kind of glad that it was a rowdy class though, it meant that I got to use my teacher voice and realise that if I can teach that lot then I can teach anyone. Hehe that and compared to my first prac at Cessnock High it was a walk in the park :P

Seriously love the concept of Raw Jaffa, the space is fantastic and my new boss is lovely. Beside myself at the thought of teaching the kids classes too. Am working on a few lesson plans now, better get back to it then ;P

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