Monday, August 25, 2008

It's on like Donkey Kong....

Big achievment today for this little former technophobe, I have spent the last couple of days reading up everything I could on Etsy (special thanks going to the marvellous Etsy for Everyone blog and have finally put up my first ever colouring/sketch book "Creatures and Dreams" for sale. The description for the book and the cover, along with a link to the actual listing, are below.

The first volume of "Creatures and Dreams" is a combination colouring/sketch book or visual diary. The book consists of ten original illustrations, including a centerpage paperdoll cut out of my favourite toy, Voodoo Susan.

The illustations are printed on alternate pages of the book, to leave its owner with plenty of room for their own drawings, musings, and pastings in of beloved pictures.

"Creatures and Dreams" is A5 in size, which is 21 x 15cm (or roughly 6 x 8 inches).

The cover and centrefold Susan are printed on cardstock, for durability and optimum colouring in. The remaining pages are printed on recycled printer paper.

Suitable for all ages. Multiple copies of "Creatures and Dreams" are available, and more can be printed upon request.

Stay tuned for Volume 2.

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