Sunday, August 24, 2008

Llamas and Widgets

Had a great day at the markets yesterday. Sold one of my big paintings to one of my regulars for her bedroom, saw my market friends and caught up on the gossip, drank lots of coffee.... Newcastle Farmers' Markets RAWK!

This is Zack, a friend of Emerald Arts, at the Markets yesterday. My apologies for the shocking quality of the photo (so sorry Zack if you read this). My phone/camera has been playing up a lot lately, which isn't really suprising given how long I have had it for and how many times I have dropped it. Might have to "lose" it and get another one I think ;)

Anyway, last markets Zack bought a 'Make Your Own: Widget the Brave' kit. I told him that if he would like, he could bring the completed Widget back to the markets and I would fix a medal on it for him, as it's pretty tricky to do. So he did, and I medalled him and there you have it as below, the very first Widget the Brave made by other hands that has come back for a visit. So excited, Zack did an excellent job!

And finally, I leave you with a photo of a Llama who was in a pen with his Mum and Dad next to his owner's stall. Is it just me or do Llamas always look like they are smiling?

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