Saturday, August 30, 2008

First a very little horse, now some very little people...

I'm sure I am not the only girl who spent a huge chunk of childhood making fairy gardens in the actual garden out the front our house, but I am probably one of the few that had actual builders make things to go in them. I wish I had some photos to show you what I mean, but I don't, so my poor little hungover brain is just going to have to try and find ways to describe my former obsession (Note to self: Goon of Fortune is not a game that I should be allowed to play, I cheat shamelessly then seriously regret it the next day... I think I'm dying... ooohhh fruity lexia how horrid you make me feel!).

These gardens would be worked on for weeks. I had little houses made out of timber offcuts that Dad's tradies would build for me. Tiny weeds and flowers were planted for the fairy front yards. Swimming pools were made of tin foil and blue food colouring in water. Letterboxes were matchboxes glued onto paddlepop sticks. Makes me giggle to think of the big blokey carpenters spending their spare time making all these little things for me to play with. Legends :)

So what brings all this up? I happened across an artist's blog called "little people" today, detailing his street art project currently underway in London. He takes little people, I think they are for building miniatures, my sister used them for her architecture models... anyway, he places them around the city, in various scenes, then details it all on his blog. Go take a look:

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