Thursday, January 17, 2008

aaayyyiii wanna knoooowww will the rain ever stop???

Above is Voodoo Susan. She made her debut (very briefly) in the Hunter Street Mall today. A lady who works in one of the clothing stalls there is going to email me with orders with her because she thinks she's lovely. So do I ;)

Woke up, having prayed for the rain clouds to miraculously dissolve overnight, to a blustery seemingly wintery day. Packed everything into the car, itself quite a job when the wind keeps blowing the spare wheel closed. Perhaps I should explain that first, then you'll see why its really a two man job on a day like today. My car is a (soon to be unregistered sadly) four wheel drive Kia Sportage. The spare wheel is on a metal limb that fastens over the boot when it is closed, and the latch that opens it is located under the driver's seat. When its windy, like this morning, the wind pushes it closed every time I step away from the car, it then locks, and I have to run around to the front, unlock it, then hold it open with one arm while loading stuff into the boot with the other. I have to find an easier way of doing this :P Anyway, had sorted with my brother that he was going to come to the markets with me. Organised to swing by and pick him up at twenty to nine, so that he could help me unload and run the market stall... but he was still asleep when I was there, "oh f**k" said I, wondering how in the name of god I was going to get everything out of the car, unpacked, minded while I parked the car....

Ugh, I'm frustrated. My sister later told me that I shouldn't swear at them (twas at the situation-honest- not the people) and that he didn't like coming to the markets anyway, blah blah you're a terrible sister etc etc... the time honoured family "NO, you're not pissed off at us, we're pissed off at you!" rinse and repeat

So unpacked, stood nervously under the sort-of cover afforded by the market canvas structures, spray wetting my tiny paper cranes and felt creatures. Fretted, sold one creature, was rescued by the marvellous Case who bought me coffee and Who Weekly, then the rain intensified and my tiny patch of market stall was flooded and inundated... so I gave up, packed up and packed it in and came home to try to dry things out and salvage what I could.

From now on, no more marketing on days that are rainy. Too heartbreaking to see weeks worth of work getting soggy and ruined. Oh so wishing i had vodka to warm myself with :P

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