Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why is it that with all the drugs and dramas of Amy Winehouse (who admitedly is talented), Britney, Mishca, Paris (all not that talented really) they survive to grace another cover but someone like Heath Ledger who I have never heard of taking drugs, actually dies.

It's all sounding rather a lot like River Phoenix. Someone young, talented, and much more troubled than they actually let on. The reports say that he was unconscious but still alive when the cleaner and the massage person found him. Wild reports are flying around of packets and packets of pills, research for a role playing a drug addict, secret saddness, years of hidden drug addiction, troubled nights from his role as the Dark Knight in the new Batman movie....

Whatever happened, he was a really really bloody good actor and it sucks that he isn't around anymore. I hope the people in his life get some peace and time to themselves to cope with what has happened, but sadly I seriously doubt that they will. Worst of all I can't say that I won't be devouring every morsel of information that I can find on 'Oh No They Didn't" etc, It's just too sad and wierd not to want to know.

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