Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Seafood and pesto pizza

GF pizza base (or Phonecian bread- which is a flat bread found in most supermarkets)
Sacla classic pesto
4 Scallops (halved)
6 uncooked prawns of reasonable size
3 rashers of shredded Prosciutto
about five biscuits worth of Brie (cut into small pieces)
Cup of grated mature cheddar and a sprinkling of parmesan
Sea Salt and freshly grated Black Pepper as desired.
The ingredient portions are per pizza.
Very simple recipe to make. Pre-heat the oven to 200c while you prep the ingredients, then slather the base with pesto, scraping off any excess so that a thinner crust does not get to soggy. Scatter all ingredients over the base evenly, then finish with cheese. This can be cooked on a normal oven tray, or a pizza stone (or old terracotta tile) if you want the base to be really crunchy.
For the love of god do NOT open the oven while cooking, so that a steady heat is maintained. Just look through the little window and only remove once the bubbling cheese slows and turns golden brown.
If you really want to spoil yourself, go crack open a bottle of Sav Blanc, best wine EVER for seafood.

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