Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's it all about then eh?

Arruuugghhh have one week to pay for public and product liability insurance or I get kicked from the NEIS program. Tried to explain that I need the money from the grant to pay for the insurance, got nowhere.


Hopefully at Friday's markets in the mall I make more than I did last time. Only problem is, instead of being in the main corridor of the mall I'll be in a side alley. Am going to go to the butcher's tomorrow and get some of their paper so I can make massive cranes and hang them out in the proper mall with signs pointing to me. Will also take big scrapbooking paper and do some demonstrations. Most people seem to be able to pick it up once shown.

Trying desperately to believe that this business venture is a good idea. Ten the marvellous boyfriend is so supportive, but my family think I am wasting my time and am never going to make a living from art, toys and origami. Maybe they're right. If I stay on my current path, I'll be artistically fulfilled and able to study disabilities at TAFE but I will have an unregistered car and ever increasing indebtedness to my boyf. Or I could get another admin job, or something in retail and end up frustrated and bored again. Anyone got a magic fixit wand?

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